Padagrad Oblast
Local Language English
Political system Socialist Dictatorship
Governor bh42
Affiliation Soviet Republic
Population 8
Establishment February 2012

Padagrad is a town in a region consisting of a Taiga biome peninsula, located to the North West of Merriland, and South West of Port Loco. As a Oblast of the Soviet Republic, Padagrad claims the rights to the whole surrounding Winterland.

The name Padagrad was made up by Sturmtiger, when bh42 proposed to join the Soviet Republic.

It consists of “pada”, Polish for “it's snowing” or “it's raining”, depending on the context, and pretty obvious part “grad”. The name can be roughly translated as “Snowfalltown”.

Ancient times

Padagrad was established on the day of bh42's arrival on the server. After running aroung for a bit, the founding father of the town decided to build something completely on his own, outside of other town's influence. Repercussions continue to this day, as no one cares about the shithole that Padagrad is, far from any civilisation.

After establishing some diplomatic contacts with the communist Merriland, bh42 decided to join the commies and help form a Soviet Union on the 6th of February.

Around 14th of February, the construction of coastal fortifications on the eastern end of the peninsula began.

Time of not giving a fuck and not editing the wiki

For a long time, the town flourished, with some new citizens comming and developing new buildings, while bh42 moved into the shadows, not caring about governing and just building his palace. During that time, the quarry in the middle of communist waters was created.

After that the town lost some players, and became forgotten, as bh42 continued mining and then building a port near Fallen.

Age of restoration

On the 30th day of July, after bh42 returned from vacation, and saw what happened with Padagrad, he decided to take action - demolition notices where placed at butt ugly buildings, and new creations were planned.

Age of Emptiness

Similar to the other Soviet Republics, Padagrad is uninhabited all the time except when Fegelein visits to do some gardening.

With the great spawn shift and the exile of their leadership, the Soviets, once the economic, cultural and military superpower of the server faded into irrelevance.

The peninsula is dominated by fortifications surrounding the Kulturpalast. Under the Kulturpalast the undercity is located, with planned brothels and inns. To the west, over a small pond, lies the actual village.

A small tower in the coastal wall houses the local nether portal, enchantment table and other facilities.

The large tower was built during the time, when Finns came to the town, and houses their own facilities.

A railway, connecting the Oblast with the quarry, and through it with Port Loco and Merrimore, has it's terminus on the eastern coast. The railway was created by bh42 as a floating cobblestone pencil dick, and was later beautified.

While there is no exact housing style enforced, it is suggested, that buildings should have a rural feeling, because Padagrad is supposed to be a village. No buildings will be destroyed without the owner's knowledge putting a notice first, or checking if the player was active recently.

This rule will not apply to buildings built in the upcoming undercity and around the port, for it's sole purpose is to look nice.

The following people are Padagrad citizens:

  • bh42

Former citizens:

  • Glukoosi
  • Laatikkoinen
  • Rck
  • PenaUkki
  • onotoleonide
  • Patti
  • Kolos33
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