"Ostrovnoye" settlement

“Ostrovnoye settlement
Location -200 X; 2500 Y
Local Languages Russian \ English
Government Town Governor
Leader MELswiftly
Establishment 24.04.2020
Population 2 + villagers

“Cedant arma togae.”

founding/time period

“Ostrovnoye” settlement was found on 24 of April 2020. The main reason for creating new political subject is to protect citizens of the settlement from vermin and evil creatures like zombies. The second, minor reason, is economic association.

major event/time period

Major event in the history is the Borderline Battle, when inhabitants of the settlement successfully fought off vermin attack, leaded by unknown witch. This event became catalyst for creating new sovereign entity.

Landscape of Prudniy peninsula, where “Ostrovnoye” is situated, appears to be quite narrow. All the territory of the settlement is located on this plain. Around ten small pondlets present on the Prudniy. Peninsula itself is almost completely divided from the continent by Dubovaya river. Flora is represented mainly by grassland vegetation, but trees can also be found in some parts of peninsula, usually near the water. Oaks and birch-trees make up most part of woody vegetation. “Ostrovnoye” is situated in the area of insular climate. The main part of “Ostrovnoe” is the village itself. Village consists of more then 8 residences plus working buildings and surrounded by a city wall.

Economy of “Ostrovnoye” is agriculture based. Due to climate features, farming is possible all year round. Main plant crops are wheat, potatoes and carrots. Some crops have minor effect on economy, those are: cane, cactus and others. Cattle breeding is also an important part of economy. Many different species of animals are being breeded, but the main one are sheep. “Ostrovnoye” is famous for its wool, which is one of the main export positions. Heavy equipment industry is in process of development. Production of complex machinery, including automatic mechanisms, is the main economic aim for the settlement. “Ostrovnoye” is not very rich with natural resources. The only way to get essential assets like iron and diamonds is to go down the mines. Unfortunately, all the mines were uncared for decades, so they are flooded by dangerous creatures like cave spiders. Only the most brave citizens choose to be a miner.

Main occupation of city citizens are agriculture and cattlebreeding. Some of inhabitants are miners, cartographers, engineers and librarians. Mining is considered to be the most dangerous, but the most important job at the same time. The most important issue of the settlement is defence from vermin. Considerable amount of resources is spent on security measures.

The structure of government is quite simple. The main body of executive power is Town Governor. There is no law-making body in “Ostrovnoye”, as social relations are regulated by customs.

MELswiftly, ZloyPtic and villagers are the citizens of “Ostrovnoye”

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