Margrave of Occunmarca
Location Around -1472, -2200
Map Link
Local Languages Español
random bydlo English
Government Autonomous mark
Leader Aresal, Marqués de Occunmarca
Establishment 17-08-20
Population hello darkness my old friend


12/08/20 - Aresals finds the promised plateau.

14/08/20 - Battle of the northern road against a band of spooky jevs.

15/08/20 - 4 freaky skellies on horses sighted south of the plateau. After a brief hit and run battle, pants were not harmed.

20/08/20 - Occunmarca officialy created.

Occunmarca occupies a large portion of the Badlands north of Harmonia's crown territory. It borders directly with several other settlements. These are BillyLand, New Arizona, and Smoleńsk, capital of the former Free State of Smolenia. Current projects aside from the landgrabbing “espacio vital” concentrate in and around the central plateau.

fucking skeletons


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