North Pole

North Pole
North Pole Banner
Location +750 -2600
Local Languages Every language of the entire world
Government Patriarchy
Leader Santa Claus
Chief Elf caca
Establishment 05-12-20

North Pole is a Christmas-themed city, located on the icy plains of the northern edge of Harmonia. It's where Santa Claus and his elves are said to make the toys and presents given to players at Christmas.

It aims to be a neutral settlement, where all players from all nations could gather at Christmas throughout the years. As a neutral settlement, the North Pole accepts constructions from any player elf, as long as they follow the Christmas theme when building.

Currently, the easiest way to visit North Pole is by train. A direct line, named The Polar Express, departs from the HBF station, underground track U7.


Harmonia had been down for about a month. It was finally December, and the server was updated to 1.16, the nether update. A small group of elves decided to put their previous projects on hold and built this new settlement together. North Pole, loosely based on a settlement from a brazilian server, was then founded on the 5th of december, 2020.


Famous for its not entirely native mooshrooms and reindeer, the North Pole is also home to several other Christmas species: polar bears, colored sheep, snowmen and penguins (contrary to the popular belief that there are only penguins on the south pole). A couple of gondolas would also allegedly have been spotted in the vicinity, despite no documented evidence.

As a neutral city, the North Pole will never integrate any nation, nor will it ever take part in any conflict. To maintain peace, aggression against players is strictly prohibited within its borders, being the offenders subject to the penalty of getting only coal as Christmas gift.

Along the years, many elves have contributed to North Pole's village. Here is a small list:

  • Fidalgo ━ Christmas tree, church of St. Konrad, Fidalgo's Christmas house
  • caca_de_nariz ━ Christmas garland, train, caca's Christmas house, Santa's statue, nativity scene
  • TheGrimRimmer ━ Snow Globe, snowman
  • Dora2 ━ Gondola house, Santa's sleigh
  • Rolen ━ Rolen's Christmas house, Rolen's chalet
  • feati ━ Magic mushroom house
  • Aresal ━ Aresal's Christmas house
  • Jacquin_ ━ Jacquin's Christmas house
  • Salah ━ Burning cross

As the tradition, players give presents to each other on Christmas day. Presents are usually left under the tree on the center of the village, wrapped in beautiful packaging. Opening the presents before 25th is strictly forbidden, one of the most serious crimes in North Pole.

Unfortunately, some presents never got to their owners, as people disappeared into the dangers of the real world. Their gifts will be forever waiting, under the tree:

  • Jinxauthor_mel - 3 presents
  • jacquin_ - 2 presents
  • randybender - 1 present
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