New Zulu “New Deep Ocean Station Zulu”
“New DOSZ”
Map Location
Motto Indicia monstrant viam
Viserne viser Vejen
The Pointers show the Way
Jurisdiction Northern Summerset
The United Duchies' Administration Offices of the Divided Summerset Regions
Official Languages English
Breshikan (Broken HungarianAnything)
Demonyn Zululiands
Government Royal City Council
Lord Mayor Peasant Lord Mayor lastebil175
Establishment 12th of September 2015
Population 0
Balls King:



Before the grand, holy clocktower could be erected, the area had to be cleared of all autistic hills and spruce trees.

Making of the 4-way crossroad


The tower on the morning it was finished, with the winterlynian flag on top

The grateful builders of Winterlyn recieved donations from the honourable kingdom Breshik and the Mandatory of New Badfacia in form of plenty of clay for the making of the brick-tower. The tower was finally finished on the 15th of september, 2015. Several citizens of the great kingdom of Winterlyn attented the opening festivites and other players such as June alone later joined to behold the glory of the pride of this new great provincial capital!

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