New Lorraine

New Lorraine
Local Languages English
Demonyn New-Lorrainian
Type of Government Oligarchy
Leaders Bloodfirst92, Sidmarcus01, Heaz3n, Shid0x
Establishment 16-09-2012
Population ~6-7
Abbreviation none

New Lorraine is a medium sized town based on a French population. It is now part of the Holy alliance of the Breshikan Empire, under the totally autoproclamed righteous lordship of Bloodfirst92.

New Lorraine's was initially established by Heaz3n and Sidmarcus01 on the 16 september of the year of grace 2012 after a short exploration around Mari Continent. Then, shortly after theses events, Shid0x, Bloodfirst92, Spiritkiller and Nova92 joined the settlement to build the town. Around 18/09/2012 Sidmarcus01 and his followers decided to join the Breshikan alliance as an autonomous state, resulted by a building collaboration with the Breshikan Kiaser: Shakomatic.

After a long inactivity of the fake almighty Lord Bloofirst92, Sidmarcus took the Lordship of the New Lorraine.

With the birth of the KSC, the long abandoned New Lorraine has been annexed into the Consortium, now with the temporary function of trading outpost.

New Lorraine's a town which follows a random and totally autistic radiocentric plan as european cities do. The architecture is quite diversified, caracterised by modern and functionnal buildings, Breshikan Classical architecture, really autistics structures (like the unfinished air rail and the stupid “hole house”) and enhanced ukrainian architecture.

Hue? Gibe me moni please? Or i repot you.

The government power in this oligarchy is currently embodied by a council, constitued by Heaz3n, Sidmarcus01, Bloodfirst92 and Shid0x. This government have an ambassy in Wissendorf and will soon have one in the Holy Breshikan Empire capital city: Nova Avence.

Bloodfirst92- Member of the council

Heaz3n- Member of the council and main economist

Sidmarcus01- Member of the council, main architect and current Lord of the New Lorraine

Shid0x- Member of the council

Spiritkiller- Citizen

Nova92- Citizen


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