New Agartha
Location Coordinates
-2770 167 -3447
Local Languages English
Government Dictatorship
Leader Kickinwing24
Establishment 10-22-22
Population 1

The fortress city of New Agartha consists of a multitude of small, interconnected fortresses within a large mountain range. She was founded by Kickinwing24 to have a place to lay his head and put his pets so they wouldn't get hurt.


Founded in late October of 2022; not much is to be said history wise for New Agartha. For the most part apolitical, but by no means weak, New Agartha just wishes to be left alone.

Major Accomplishments

New Agartha is a fairly new settlement, and as such does not have much history, but even so New Agartha boasts a very robust inventory of automatic farms to ease the day-to-day for its citizens. New Agartha prides itself on its ability to design and manufacture such farms in short timespans.

New Agartha is situated atop a large mountain range dubbed the Glarus Alps. Bordered by a lush jungle and home to many scenic vistas, New Agartha is a sight to behold.

New Agartha prides itself in its varied assortment of available resources. From minerals mined from the mountains, to wood from nearby forests, and many other resources collected from automatic farms. New Agartha needs for nothing. Those willing to find trade here will do well due to this. New Agartha also prides itself by boasting a very sturdy and quick line of horses and donkeys/mules for sale! As well as its line of numerous auto-farms.

Local life in New Agartha is rather simple. Due to the sturdy walls, many fortifications, and mountainous terrain; the residents of New Agartha can focus on more pleasurable activities. Tinkering with contraptions and automatic farms is by-far the preferred pastime New Agarthan residents.

New Agartha is ruled by Kickinwing24

Kickinwing24, as well as many loyal tradesmen that reside within the trading sublevel of the central fortress.

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