Location 1930 64 520
Local Languages English
Government Head of Town
Leader Kloware
Establishment 13.04.2020
Population 10

Town was founded at 13 april 2020. First days after arrival was unbearable. Crowds of zombies surrounded two brave people, and built Big CobbleWall. After that life got better and history of two immigrants from Far East started to gain momentum. New people came, Kloware connected Nemtsov with Spawn. Our great ancestors proud of us. At 12.05.20 Nemtsov got new lands and new division on 5 parts.


Andrey14 left the city for a long time, stopped making contact with the residents of the city of Nemtsov and Kloware regained the status of the head of the city, which he had been building for many years and put his whole soul into it.

Town at 24.06.24

In West borders - Along of Sychuan territory

Rich Capital town of Belrunia. Concentrate all wealth of Nation. A lot of Iron, Diamonds, Emeralds, Coal etc.

Nemtsov is a Capital Town of Belrunian Federation. Town has 2 lines of Underground, Great Cathedral of St.Nicolaus

Andrey14 was appointed as Head of Town at 11.05.20

New Head of Town became Kloware (19.11.21)

Kloware, Kamenev, Yarishe, Adelarge, andrey14scr, Giova, soupturtle, darth_dest

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