Gorask Oblast
City of Gorask (May 7th)
State Flag of Gorask
(Former Mountain Top Republic)
Local Languages English
Demonyn Montanian, Goraskian
President not yet elected
Establishment January 27th, 2012
Independence (from Mongols) July 31st, 2012
Population ~10
Abbreviation MTR
Form of Government not yet constituted

Gorask is a independent settlement located on Mountain Island.


Soon after being amazed by the high mountains on the newly discovered island, nettob started the settlement by building a wooden house on the highest mountain top he could find.

Settlement union project

On January 31st, Gorask (at that time called Mountain Top Republic) started a project called Imperial Federation of Autonomous Settlements, which aimed to get a few more settlements to unite and found a nation.

Soviet era

On February 7th, Mountain Top Republic became part of the Soviet Republic.

Mongol days

After the Soviet-Mongol war ended with Soviet defeat, glorious communist economy broke down and life freezed.


On July 31st, Gorask declares its independence of any nation. On Sunday, August 5th, there will be elections for all Gorask citizens to constitute a new order.


Similar to the other Soviet Republics and settlements in the Old Spawn region, Gorasks citizens emigrated to worlds far away, becoming tired of Oceania. Once the world's center in military innovation, fortifications, space travel and modern architecture, Gorask is now nothing more than a ghost town.

Although called Mountain Top Republic, most buildings are located at the coast rather than on mountain tops.

Citizen's Palace

The Citizen's Palace is a huge cube-shaped building with a dome of glass on top, serving as the center of Gorask with storing chests, enchantment table etc. It was the first big building project in that settlement.

Imperial Congress Building

The Imperial Congress Build is a large H-like shaped in the mountains close to the coast. It was build at the time, when then Mountain Top Republic came up with the idea of a settlement union. Because of that, the interior is designed to serve as a central for a union, including 24 diplomate offices from sizes 5×7 up to 8×10 and two large conference rooms (one of them having 2 levels).

Since the settlement union plan was canceled, the building has no purpose at the time.


Gorask is connected to the axis rails and to the Soviet Capital on Merriland. For the second connection, the Great Glorious Underground tunnel was digged below the ocean bottom by nettob, Sturmtiger and alfonshedder.

Gorask also has the small local “Mountain Top Subway” connecting the harbor district with the mountain top.


In the beginning, the only source of food was bread and hunted wild animals. Since there are cows now, beef is the main source of food due to the better hunger points per wheat ratio. Small farms for melons and pumpkins also exist, but dont play an important role.

There is also a small farm of sheep. For the two large construction projects, the Citizen's Palace and the Imperial Congress Building, additional sheep were bred, colored and sheared at the location of building. They got killed afterwards.


Mining in Gorask was pretty wild until recently, when one big systematic mine started operating.

Space Program

Due to its strong economy and wealth in gunpowder, Gorask is the world leading settlement in space travel. Gorask can into space.

First soviet sheep preparing for launch.
First soviet sheep launched.
nettob was the first human to be launched.

Gorask is a famous producer of high quality gunpowder, arrows and leather.

Fort Gorask

Fort Gorask was built by Berry_de_bur and qeni. On May 12th during the Soviet-Mongol War the attackers tried a Siege of Fort Gorask, which failed because of the brave fighters from Gorask, the whole Soviet Republic and one ally.

Due to noobs building pig disgusting shit thats hard to remove and digging holes all over the place, there are now a few rules:

  • No wild digging/mining.
  • No unnecessary/unplanned deforestation (except e.g. you want to build something). Use farms for wood!
  • Do not build pig disgusting shit (especially dirt slums).
  • Do not build stuff that you don't really want and is hard to remove (especially in water, which is hard to recover).
  • Do not build stuff that affects things in a negative way (e.g. bridges that make boat travel a pain).
  • If not sure, ask others.
  1. Apoofis
  2. Berfaz
  3. beri
  4. Berry_de_bur
  5. chtammik
  6. coco1ino
  7. Drewd123
  8. klemen
  9. nettob
  10. qeni

Feb 5th

May 7th

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