Free Principality of Montaris
Motto We stand faithful
Local Languages English
Government Theocratic Monarchy
Leader Archon Fogel
Establishment April 2015
Population 1

The Free Principality of Montaris is an expanding settlement, located in the South-Western corner of the world.

Oceanian Mythology

The origin of this settlement can be traced back to the dawn of time in the ancient world of Oceania. There, a mysterious Red Tribe spread across the ocean, shaping an unique culture based on the ideals of spreading civilization and equality. The resulting federation grew to become one of the largest civilizations in the world.

In this age of heroes, a brave group of warriors, including legends such as the Red Tiger, the great sorcerer Desu and the current Archon's ancestor, Fegelein of Gorask, banished the first Ender Dragon of Capitalism from this world. This event heralded a provisory end of greed and envy, so the Oceanic peoples could now live in harmony and peace with each other, free from these dark influences. The egg of this creature was hidden in the depths of this world, to protect the realm from similar threats.

Large periods of prosperity and expansion followed again, but this also gave rise to degenerate sects, who created conflicts inside the tribes. These sects included the worshippers of Ponies, as well as those, who considered icons of Far-Eastern drawings to be sacred. But new threats had to be faced, which required the various Red civilizations to stand together in unity. On the other side of the world, lead by the Demon of Darkness and Chaos, the Hordes of Hell began to enslave the free peoples of the world.

This age of sorrows is the source of many songs, which are still sung across the current world. The most epic battles in history took place in this war of Light versus Darkness, but in the end the hearts of the free men were shattered. Some legends say, that the Red heroes simply disappeared, after their achievments were shattered, but others claim, that they dabbled in the dark arts in order to free their people again, only to be banished by the gods as a result.

The darkness devoured them all, and for Oceania, all hope was lost.

Realm of Alpha

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under construction

Fish and Horses.


Religion in Montaris can be characterized by the multitude of gods, that are worshipped in various shrines.

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