Marshbeau with its borders
Location 1022; 539
Local Languages English, Russian
Government Mayor of Marshbeau
Leader Mayor of Marshbeau acidtripper7
Establishment 04-04-2020 unofficially, 02-05-2020 officially
Population ~7

Marshbeau (['mɑːʃbɒ]) is the capital of Swampland, actively developing settlement in the Middle East of Harmonia.

History of Swampland and Marshbeau in particular starts with acidtripper7 and PinkPufarine settling down in these virgin swamps in the end of March, when the realm of Harmonia have just started its existence. First project in future settlement (started in the 1st of April) was a big tree farm to satisfy the need for a great supply of building materials. Later that tree farm would be expanded to big automated farming complex with effective production of melons and pumpkins — two main agricultural cultures of Swampland.

Around that time in the end of March Khach-house was founded by PinkPufarine, one of the first Swampland colonials. Originally Khach-house was built as a shelter for cured zombie-yews those were found around the bog, but later it was expanded to recognizable barracks-like business-centre.

One of the most important events in the history of Marshbeau is the transport system establishment. «Spawn — San Biagio — South Shrekshore» road that was officially opened in the 16th of April linked this little settlement with the Spawn Zone and helped a little with diplomacy between Swampland and Genoa in general.

Swampland Wool farm was opened in the 20th of April.

Literally swamps and floodplains everywhere. Also there's a little part of roofed forest from the west side and a coastline that follows to big unnamed desert in the north.

Marshbeau has a developed economy built on trading and mining operations. Enchanted books are one of the most important products that Swampland imports to other settlements and sells to individuals.

Marshbeau is known for Khach-House, a construction built in distinctive yeti-esque style that serves as business-centre and meeting point for Swampland's businessmen (yews). Khach-House Limited (Commercial organisation with headquarters in Khach-House, Shrekshore Avenue 1, Marshbeau) supplies a wide range of goods starting with food and finishing with building materials.

Also Marshbeau is known for selling unenchanted diamond sets of armour with great discounts and for selling shitloads of wool to fellow autists.

Marshbeau is the capital of Swampland (joined in 03-05-2020) and also presents as the political centre of the fledging nation.

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