Location x=-520 z=-4850
Local Languages Dutch
Government Republic
Stadtholder xMarkuz
Establishment 1st February 2013
Population 3
Abbreviation M

Markonië is a small insular settlement out in the ocean west of Voelhaven. It occupies the whole of the Aartsengel-Gabriël archipelago. It was founded as an overseas colony of Nieuw Walschor, but after the collapse thereof it achieved independence. It still has close economic and cultural ties to Voelhaven.


P_P_A first claimed the three islands on the 25th of January by planting an anchor—the coat of arms of Voelhaven—on each of them.
They remained undeveloped until a week later, when Voelhaven resident xMarkuz learned of them. Seeing the man's enthusiasm, P_P_A vested him the office of governor of this colony and entrusted him with the archipelago.


When the nation of Nieuw Walschor desintegrated on the 3rd February 2013 following the disastrous War of the Breshikan Succession, Markonië under its governor xMarkuz became an independent settlement. Though it chose not to associate officially with the now-independent Voelhaven, it maintains friendly relations with the city and remains a vital contributor to the Voelhavener economy.

The plantations of Nieuw-Zeewolde produce ample amounts of sugar and cocoa, which Markonië trades with its old colonial master Voelhaven for other agricultural produces.

The Aartsengel-Gabriël-Eilanden consist, from largest to smallest, of Nieuw-Zeewolde to the east, Aartsengel Gabriël to the west, and Sint-Marcus to the north. The southern lowlands of Nieuw-Zeewolde are fertile ground for sugar, while the northeast of the isle sports a natural harbour.


The design of Nieuw-Zeewolde's shipping port, dominated by a kontor of the Voelhaven Westeilanden Compagnie, tells of its history as a colony of Nieuw Walschor. Not far from it stands the governor's mansion, overlooking the islands over which it reigns.

Nieuw-Zeewolde's harbour
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