Arcology of Mari
Local Languages English
Demonyn admin/user
Government special status as an international organisation
Leader te3
Establishment sometime around 2012-06 – 2012-07
Population ?
Abbreviation Mari

Mari is a settlement in the center of the ice continent at (-5000, -800), originally built by te3, Koen and v1adimirr for the 1.3 update, but then delayed a bit. It is home to the spawn and the server's archive and the starting point for new players.

founding/time period

Mari was established when some users started to call for a map change with 1.3. Not wanting that, te3 decided to move the spawn instead, and started to prepare it to have a proper spawn for 1.3, closer to lands with generated emeralds. Legend has it that it's actually the abandoned outpost of an advanced civilzation that once roamed Oceania, built as a base for mineral exploration. Some technological artifacts of that era still exist, such as the clock under spawn and Mari's north gate.

major event/time period

It became the spawn on 2012-08-29.

Mari is built right in the middle of a large and mostly unsettled ice continent, in an area that would be a lush river valley if it weren't for the ice. The inside of the arcology has been terraformed to be a park, most building takes place under that green layer.

The underground of Mari is designated for public mining, the inside of the arcology itself shall stay a park, free of most buildings and host only to official infrastructure and a few chosen projects. The area not enclosed by walls is freebuild area, though. A connection to the Limbo rail network is planned, right now the only connection to the traffic net is a wormhole to the old spawn tetown.

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