Free City of Madicon
Location X:2567 Y:64 Z:-467
Official Language English
Local Languages English
(Basic Spanish known by most citizens)
Government Monarchy
Monarch Dylanrules22
Prime Minister Android994
Establishment 8-17-2014
Population ~3

The Free City of Madicon was established by Dylanrules22 only after 2 days of assimilation into the server. Dylanrules22 sought a place that was far away from the civilization to set up a new town and eventually create a nation. Soon after reaching the world's edge, Dylanrules22 settled down next to what was named Valley Pond and built the first mine and made plans for the first streets and houses. He invited his friends Sarahdyl and Android994 who joined the settlement the next day in order to make it official, construct new buildings, found businesses, form a government and make the settlement known


On August 17th, 2014, the town was founded under a Constitutional Monarchy with Dylanrules22 as King Dylan. His house was constructed as well as roads and some other buildings on that same day.

Rise of the City

After a few short days, the city began receiving help from Sweet_Chris and LandFive for providing resources and and a way of travel from the spawn to the city via a tunnel system at Y:10. More projects were started and the people were fed. Later on, Android994 helped by building larger structures and planning for a wall around the settlement.

The lake in which the city was founded was named Valley Pond. Surrounding it was a mountain range nicknamed the Oaken Alpines. The city informally claims all land near the pond for near-future projects, but the land is not officially claimed. The Multiwood Apartment building is the tallest structure and will be home to people before they have a large house.

The area appears to have an abundance of rare flowers and common minerals, most of which have not been collected. Independent businesses are planned to extract these minerals and nearby resources. But at the moment, there is very little of an economy due to the lack of workers. Real estate and iron mining are essential at the current state.

Currently, basic roads and houses are being constructed, as well as farms being planned, with the help of Sweet_Chris and LandFive, the living standard has risen, but still lack many complex buildings and structures. This may be seen as a good opportunity to some to gain economic or political dominance within.

The Monarch of the Madicon Dylanrules22 while the titles of Prime Minister and Building Manager are currently with Android994. If this settlement ever reaches Nation status, than other positions in the Madiconian Ministry will be included. Madicon is currently accepting new members as well as a Mother Country to become a protectorate under. People may respond through the Town Board.

Their founding Residents are Dylanrules22l, Sarahdyl (now inactive), and Android994. The latter two officially joined the server and founded the town on August 17th, 2014. here </WRAP>

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