Location -1090 X, 5700 Z
Local Languages Afrikaans
Demonyn Yev
Government ZOG
Leader June
Establishment 3-13-2015
Population 17-18 Yevs named July
1 Golem

A little town in form of square. Inhabited by Yevs. Has fountain and some shitty church.


After successful repopulation of Weitenbosch from local burial grounds, June decided to improve his necromancy skills. For that, he decided to settle on the other side of river Maad, a land, full of unholy walking corpses. On the first day he built a fountain, a house in style, that will be inherited by other houses in town later, and set up a laboratory inside. After luring the first zombie Yev in his lab, June successfully healed him, and let him stay in his basement: because of not yet built houses and out of safety measures. June named his new friend July, in the memory of his lost brother. On the next day, he and Yev started building new houses.

Increasing population

On the second night, Yev's smell lured some more zombies to the would-be town. Eliminating too corrupted ones, June caught the proper one in his cage. The first Yev was frightened at first, but calmed down after realising that he was unreachable for his mindless fellow. After taking all needed procedures, a second Yev was finally cured and settled in the basement near his new friend. June didn't have much fantasy in his mind, and he named the second Yev July too. However, it came out that both of Yevs were sterile and all of Yevs who were cured later were sterile also. That quite depressed June as he realised that his town will become empty sometime soon.

Growth of a town

In the daytime, June and Julys were building houses around the square, and in the nightime June was hunting zombies while Yevs were hiding in the basement. 2 weeks passed and all houses were already done. June decided to estabilish a church to thank God for his exceptional necromancy skills. However he was not really into church architecture and it came out quite bad, compared to surrounding houses. Also it was purposefully built facing the west and not usual east, to remind everyone that the town was created artificially. After June heard about sewers of Nova Bydlograd, he decided to add sewers to his own town, and they came out quite good.

Maadbach is located at the high bank of the river Maad, and has a beautiful view of Transmaad's huge fields. On the rocky hill to the north, between river and ocean, a lighthouse and a small settlement was built.

The Yevs of Maadbach are well-versed in brewing and you can find many good potions at the local apothecary. At the restaurant “Yev's Paradise” you can buy some strong drinks that can leave you in high spirits for the rest of the day.

Nufin happening, we slowly live a peaceful life.

June is a Grand Healer of the town.
About 17 Yevs, all named July. Some of them were sold sent to far lands on the request of June to be his representatives and to sell some goods for needed people.</WRAP>

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