People's Citystate of Leninstadt
Location https://map.dev-urandom.eu/#/-1030/64/489/-2/0/0
Local Languages English
Austrian German
Government Utopian Communism
Generalsecretary Helios
Establishment 8-12-13
Population 4
Religion Church of Saint Elkku
Nation Moloch Worshipping Cult
Autonomous Citystate
Motto Viribus unitis
Satelite image of Leninstadt 21.07.2018

Leninstadt is a prosperous communistic citystate occidental of the first spawn. It's one of the oldest settlements on Alpha's Realm and it is known for it's proud and honest residents.

Historical image of Leninstadt end of 2013

On 8th December of 2013 the Central Commitee of the Communist Party of Oceania decided to found a new settlement on Alpha's Realm. Generalsecretary Helios got the credentials for this difficult task and searched for the perfect plot near the first spawn. A swamp in the west was the best solution and construction of small dirt shacks started. One of the main problems on this land was the deadly malaria epidemic which got thousands of workers killed. The solution was to dry the swamp with channels ans so the bright communistic future started.

After the short period of independency and the incident of Eureka and the deadly humanitarian mission to Karak Khaldun the Central Commitee of Leninstadt decided to join the Republic of Ender as an autonomous citystate. This decision leaded to a long phase of peace and prosperity for all citizen of Leninstadt.

This peaceful dream ended with the terrible Chiggun Shoa and the bloody events afterwards in which Enton and Tomoko tried to gain dictatoric power over all of Alpha's Realm end of September 2015. After that a long, dark shadow fell over the city and Leninstadt nearly got destroyed by filthy terrorists.

In May 2018 this age of decay ended and Leninstadt wasn't only rebuild but also got an expansion north of downtown. This expansion is still ongoing and will take new territory in all directions. After the collaps of the Republic of Ender Leninstadt wasn't defenceless, because of it's weapons of massive chiggun lags stored in secret underground facilities all over the map, but still decided to join the Moloch Worshipping Cult on 20th July 2018 also as an autonomouse citystate.

  • People's Palace of Leninstadt
  • Monastery of Saint Elkku
  • Leninstadt TV Tower
  • Zenit Stadium
  • Temple of the Eternal Chicken
  • Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov alias Lenin

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write about domestic matters here

  • Onion Onion for his brave fight agains 13 withers at spawn
  • Elkku112 Elkku112 is the immortal prophet of the Church of Saint Elkku
  • Hinoarashi Hinoarashi for the donation of Shakomatics armour to the Federal Museum of Leninstadt
  • GlitchyBat GlitchyBat for opening Starbats Cafe in Leninstadt
  • Austrobernd for defending the Church of Saint Elkku and fighting against the Chiggun Shoa
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