Kingdom of Babylon

Kingdom of Babylon
Location -2032 70 -527
Google map link
Local Languages English
Government Monarchy
Leader KawaiiWatermelon
Establishment 8-14-2021
Population 3

Kingdom of Babylon is a vast sand mass claimed by Termo_Ouji, KawaiiWatermelon and Patnaloon after getting harassed by hordes of immigrants on the north a long journey to find a place to call home and hide the massive stacks of crack build grand structures and create an economy.

8-14-2021 | 19PM UTC

After claiming the land, Termo_Ouji and Patnaloon delved into the ground looking for riches to don the land with its riches, while KawaiiWatermelon had the arduous task of struggling with sandstone block buildings.

major event/time period

No major events to date.

The land is mainly sand, adorned with prickly assholes cacti, a river can be found on the south east, marking the border of the land and an enormous ocean on the north/west.

The land is privy of riches to be sold, although the grand wizard Termo_Ouji plans on creating plenty of illegal goods importing prime goods to harvest the soil.

A small uncomplete shack can be found in the center of the territory, not much happens during the day and the nights are extremely relaxed due to KawaiiWatermelon's insane addiction to torches and arson meticulous torch placement to secure the main land.

There's currently no government set in place, a crowning jewel is planned to be built in the coming weeks.

KawaiiWatermelon Termo_Ouji Patnaloon

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