Karack Three Peaks

Karack Three Peaks
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Local Languages Russian
Government Viceroy monarchy
Leader Rickroll
Establishment nearly summer of 2018
Population 7

Founding of city

During first IMP restoration in summer of 2018 Rickroll stard building of dwarven town in the mountains on the spurs of which stood jmyeom's colony.

City development

During expanding both Rickroll and jmyeom's cityes and further Imperium revival Karak was melted with jmyeom's city and together they have become new Terra of Imperium.

Mountains, mountains, mountains, pine woods and one plain. The most part of the city lies underground or inside massive peaks. For now the most notable buildings are Third peak watch tower, that meets most of city garrison needs, Chambers of Magic, and main hall.

Industrial mining have taken a lot of mountains richness, but till today sometimes in caves you can found some memeralds or even some diamonds.

Laziness and squabbles fills Karak halls, but two major conflicts are unfolding around dogs killing and shitbuilding.

Controlled by iron hand of king Rickroll and his idiotic autism, city is slowly developing in something his founder wants. However, founder don't even rightly understand, what he wants. Different quarters of the city, as well as chambers, being rulled by IMP lords.

Pretty most part of IMP, except several people who don't even get to the city and KosovoJeSerbija, who lives in city in which he rules.

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