Jungle Dome

Jungle Dome
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Location 1548/-1680
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Local Languages English
Government Autocracy
Leader TheGrimRimmer
Establishment 16.04.2020
Population ~2

It's a jungle in a snowy biome. There's also a dome - A Jungle Dome if you will.

Founding period

The first digs in the area happened on April the 16th, 2020

major event/time period

The dome was finished on June the 9th, 2020

A jungle in the middle of a snowy biome An ever-burning flame Snow and Ice

Emerald production facilities. Large amounts of goods being sold at the stalls near spawn are produced here.

There are hostile mobs everywhere outside of the dome. The inside is (mostly) safe though. Even ocelots decided to populate the area.

TheGrimRimmer rules with an iron hand. There are no subjects to rule however.


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