Ifcfg Clay (Ibansk)

Ibansk, Ifcfg clay
Location http://mc.dev-urandom.eu/map/#/-351/64/-6221/-2/0/0
Local Languages English, Russian
Government Anarcho-Capitalism
Leader ifcfg
Establishment 03-01-2012
Population 1 active


Ifcfg clay was founded by Ifcfg. During first few weeks it was just little cosy cave. He wanted to preserve the nature around unchanged until he realized that it's just boring. As a landmark he placed othodox cross on highest mountain (his cave was below).

Heavy farming

Quite soon he built high-effiency agricultural complex. Since then, his goal is to use his land area as effective as possible. All industrial buildings were built very close to each other. Even industrial logistics has been calculated. As result, the settlement is trading-oriented.

Transportation and development growt

To improve economic rates Ifcfg decided to build the road. Safe road from Funpark that is near to Spawn to his clay with very promising WTC in the middle. At nearest end of the road he built complex modern half-commieblock skyscraper. Next major point was construction of metro line directely under the road. This line is called I-line. The only Ifcfg Clay station is Ifcfg Clay Station.

Present days

WTC project which construction site was between Spawn and Ifcfg clay was suspended. To keep the region significant and successful Ifcfg in cooperation with other interested persons started ambicious project of I-Line extension. After false start, when whole existing I-line was accidentaly duplicated by onground rail, Ifcfg reached an agreement with Wololo. This agreement is about building two-track Ifcfg Clay - Onionland railroad (as I-line extension). Currently, the project is almost completed.

Ifcfg clay area is a rectangle. It's marked with 4 corner landmarkers and few marks on each side. There is no direct surroundings, but WTC and WTC Port construction sites are pretty near. There's also a huge undeveloped wastelend colony far to the East.

Ifcfg hates mining. There's few high-effiency farms and deep mining site with grid layout. Ifcfg also tries to lease housing and offices with no luck.

Currently, main goal is transportation system improvement and maintenance.

There's no goverment because, according to its political philosophy principles, government for settlement with such a small population is redundant.

The only active sitizen is Ifcfg. Visit us, we have cookies.

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