Location 2334 -7684
Map link
Local Languages English
Government Autocracy
Leader CaptNOwen
Establishment 07-31-13
Population 4
Motto In Gold we trust.

Holzien is a settlement with (for now) the only purpose of being CaptNOwen's new home.

founding/time period

Founded on 31.07.2013 at 23:58 GMT +1
After Kijima was disbanded, CaptNOwen had no interest in living on Geist-Insel any longer, being disgusted by the thought of living in a dead nation. He quickly decided to found a new settlement and soon discovered an empty spot of land with some woods, which appealed to him. After building his third Shimapan-House, which he claimed as the new starting point of his settlement, he is still busy carrying over her treasures to her new home.

major event/time period

30.07.2013: Looking for new land an placing the first blocks of her new house
31.07.2013: Finishing her house and officially founding Holzien
20.08.2013: Joining Nieuw Walschor as a colony

The sea and some woods.

As he hasn't built much on the new land yet, he hasn't discovered many minerals yet. But his old treasures are said to be “not only a few”.

No homo.


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