Hisn an-Nufus

Hisn an Nufus is a restored piglin bastion that is a center of prayer and contemplation. The piglins commune with souls in this bastion, revere their God and provide guidance for the rest of the empire.

Hisn an-Nufus
Location x -2085 z -3355 (netherworld)
Local Languages Guttural
Leader Salah
Population ~35
Establishment 15/09/2021

Oral Tradition Burning Patrol A bittersweet bed Stony Emir Soul Catcher The Bull Navigator's Room Baphomet's Shrine A Soul Temple Haunted Cleric Yev Skeleton Bridge

The name translates to “Bastion of Souls”, the reason is its role in the matters of the soul.

The piglins restored the settlement in late 2021. As a bastion of souls most of its inhabitants are not easily visible to mortal eyes and it has magical protection.

The bastion lies on a Soul Sand valley. It gathers power from the damned souls themselves. It is encompassed in Soul Sand although to the east and north nether wastes lie. It stands on a lava lake amidst basalt pillars and there is no natural connection between it and the mainland.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Tabula Tables - Gaming area for piglins to train their mind in a game of Tabula. There are set timers to shorten time of play.
  • Cleric Terrarium - a glassed room for a Yev cleric who is damned for eternity.
  • Oral Enchanting - An enchanting complex made of quartz, strengthened bones and skulls that pour their knowledge into a tome.
  • Souls Temples - Two temples (naturally generated) that hold piglin souls and in which prays are always heard.
  • Restless Beds - Meditative harsh beds placed under fossilized phantoms.
  • Skeleton Horse Stables - A stable for skeleton horses animated by supernatural powers.
  • Navigator's room - A room for the navigator to find the missing souls of piglins and for the piglins to see mental routes.
  • Reorientation altar - An altar holding two vexes was built to let piglins whose minds and souls wandered to be brought back.
  • Baphomet's Shrine - A shrine to the goat-headed was erected and a creature is summoned and bound.
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