Hisn alJutat

Hisn al Jutat is a restored piglin bastion that is a center of trade and pleasure. The piglins have trade routes from this fort to the rest of the empire.

Hisn alJutat
Location x -4125 z -2380 (netherworld)
Local Languages Guttural
Leader Salah
Population ~15
Establishment 17/07/2021

Flowing Lava Emir Thicc show Skinny show Smoking Hot show Zombie Harvest Navigator's Room Wither Skeleton Harvest Cryogenic Chamber Top Tier show

The name translates to “Bastion of Bodies”, the reason is its trade and usage of bodies of the many nether dwellers.

The piglins restored the settlement in mid 2021. As a reconstructed bastion it has a unique architecture and piglins can talk and see each other easily, and come to each other's rescue.

The bastion lies on a crossroads of Basalt, Soul Sand and Wastes. A portion of the bastion is in Basalt Deltas, which is a very rare location for bastions to be. The Basalt Deltas extend to the north-west. Another potion is in Nether Wastes, which extend to the south. And there is even a small portion in Soul Sand Valley, which extend to the north-east. A half of the bastion is submerged in basalt and therefore heavily defended. The Bastion's roof is at ground level (and lower) than the Nether Wastes biome.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Dining Tables - Dining Tables that are positioned parallelly. Dancers about the table entertain the diners.
  • Meat Market - a display area for meat to be inspected and sold.
  • Cryogenic chamber - A cooling chamber powered by a snowman that keeps frozen in time two piglins, a mighty warrior and a shrewd merchant. They are to survive in time and released in dire need.
  • The Fire Temple - A temple as ancient as the first piglins, housing a fire sacred to Moloch and tended to by a priest.
  • Llama pens - Llamas for purpose of carrying wares are grown and cared for. They are immune to fire and can travel far.
  • Magma Cubes - The cousins of slime in the netherworld are kept for their alchemical properties and for defense of the fort.
  • Wither Harvesting - A cell capable of housing a wither and extract black dyes or fuel from it.
  • Zombie Harvesting - A cell capable of housing a Zombified Piglin and extract its skin.
  • Navigator's room - A room for the navigator to find the best trade routes for the piglins and new resources locations.
  • Ashen Gentlemen's Club - Two strays provide an exotic interactive show.
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