Hisn alIstimariya

Hisn al Intiqamia is a restored piglin bastion that is the forerunner of their empire. The piglins are protective of their bastion and will not hesitate to defend it.

Hisn alIstimariya
Location x -2320 z -2700 (netherworld)
Local Languages Guttural
Leader Salah
Population ~10
Establishment 25/05/2021

The Dragon bows down Jailed Wither Endermites' Cage Armoury Dining Room Dragon Egg Display

The name translates to “Bastion of Colonialism”, because it expanded into another world and incorporated its goods and people.

A contingent from Hisn alIntiqamia rebuilt the settlement in May 2021 and made good use of the Enderian elements.

The warped forests surround the bastion and most of it is under them. There is a large lava ocean and a lake to the south. The abundance of glowstone and shroomlight in addition to the lava make it a warm and an inviting place.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Dining Room - A place for the Piglin settlers to dine.
  • Throne Room - The throne room is housing a bound Dragon bowing to the will of the current Sharif.
  • Wither Gaol - A magical complex imprisoning a Wither. The Wither provides roses if coerced hard enough.
  • Slave Pens - Pens holding slave Endermen, Ibad. When not used for any particular task, they are held in the pens.
  • Endermites' Cage - Endermites were captured and set in a single cage, for whichever purposes.
  • End Portal - A magical portal built by the finest Piglin magicians to breach into the End itself.
  • Navigator's room - The navigator knows of other worlds and is scouting them for piglins' defense and expansion plans.
  • Library - The Piglins collected ancient books lost to them and set a flying ghast guarding over them.
  • Endnaut Training Room - A room for Piglins to train for End exploration.
  • Shroom hamam - A hamam heated from below and heavily smoked with incense is used by all Piglins to enjoy and relax.
  • Armoury - The armoury is crucial in arming the piglins. Manned day and night.
  • Warped garden - A garden of the plants grow in the Warped biome.
  • Eye harvest - A special room was built by the Piglins to provide eyes of End.
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