Hisn alIntiqamia

Hisn al Intiqamia is a restored piglin bastion that is the forerunner of their empire. The piglins are protective of their bastion and will not hesitate to defend it.

Hisn alIntiqamia
Location x -2800 z -2880 (netherworld)
Local Languages Guttural
Leader Salah
Population ~20
Establishment 31/03/2021

Sayf as-Sumud  Wall of Banners Nobles' dining table Plebs' dining table Armoury Enchantment room Guardians of the library Gateway to the Overworld Goldenveined corals Hamam Jail with prisoners Kitchen Navigator's room of operations Pantry Respawn anchors Heroes' tomb, Rest in Peace.

The name translates to “Bastion of Revanchism”, because it is the first restored Bastion from which the piglins will retake their lost lands.

The piglins restored the settlement in 2021. As a fairly remote area with a large wrecked bastion is a fitting choice for a restoration.

The crimson forests surround the bastion and there are large lava pools to the north. There is just the right amount of light everywhere.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Dining Hall - a dining hall, separate tables for citizens and nobility.
  • Kitchen - a place for a piglin cook to prepare meals for the soldiers and staff.
  • Hoglin stables - Hoglins are war beasts for the piglins, and they reside naturally in the nether. Taming them is only logical.
  • Respawn Anchors - If fate favours a piglin, he will respawn to the anchors and not die by an enemy.
  • Jail - A small cell exists to contain and interrogate enemy soldiers and spies.
  • Navigator's room - The navigator knows of other worlds and is scouting them for piglins' defense and expansion plans.
  • Library - The piglins collected ancient books lost to them and set flying guardians over them.
  • Enchantment - Books were collected and enchantment books can be created in this room, not without the warden's consent.
  • Goldveined corals - The piglins have succeeded in growing coral on gold, it is only decorative now but speculated to have more purposes.
  • Hamam - A hamam heated from below is used by all piglins to cleanse and relax.
  • Armoury - The armoury is crucial in arming the piglins. Manned day and night.
  • Heroes' Tomb - A memorial for the brave piglins who have died defending the bastion in honour of their god.
  • Goldstack - Accumulated gold blocks, treasury of the bastion.
  • Pantry - An ice filled room that stores meat.
  • Gateway - The gateway to the overworld allows for piglins to explore the Overworld and teleport again to other areas of the Netherworld.
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