Hisn alInsaniya

Hisn al Insaniya is a restored piglin bastion that is mainly manned by humans. It was built by the villagers and illagers who set their previous allegiances aside and aligned themselves with the Piglin Empire.

Hisn alInsaniya
Location x -3230 z -2974 (netherworld)
Local Languages Primarily Yevish
Leader Salah
Population ~20
Establishment 25/12/2021

The accumulated wealth A pumpkin field A beetroot field A beetroot field Bells to call all of the yevs in case of an attack An Emir tasked with ensuring good burial An Emir tasked with ensuring good dreams An Emir tasked with ensuring good neighborly relations To remind of home, a deep scent of sand The library of the yevs and an enchanter in his workshop Vinny (not de Quattuor) and friends The trustiest yev you could ask for!

The name translates to “Bastion of Humanity”, because it is a Human bastion inside the Piglin Empire.

Humans who reached into the nether, either by accident or by design, have restored the settlement in late 2021. They use their crafts to provide for the Piglin Empire and cultivate living areas for other humans.

Large basalt deltas and a large lava ocean lie to the south while soul fields to the east.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Treasure - a well guarded pile of gold belonging to the Bastion.
  • Fields- The fields are skillfully and minimally placed fields caretaken by specialized farmers.
  • Bastion Square - Yevs constructed a covered wooden area for citizen humans to gather in case of an attack.
  • Pigsty - a sty for pigs and hoglins, self sustained.
  • Chicken coop - a coop for chickens, feeding on fallen ash and remains. Providing eggs and feathers.
  • Cowshed - Shed for cows and a Ravager to breed them. Providing milk and meat.
  • Sheep pen - A pen for sheep, providing wool.
  • Armoury- Humans made a large workshop for the armourer to craft armour.
  • Temple - The Temple is a human design for worship. It is tended by an illager priest.
  • Fletcher's house - The pillagers have a high demand for crossbows and arrows and they are supplied by the fletcher.
  • Armoury - The armoury is crucial in arming the piglins. Manned day and night.
  • Navigation Room - The villager cartographer serves as a navigator, mapping both the netherworld and the overworld.
  • Library - Translated book were stored in this library for the usage of Piglins and others.
  • Tool Smithy - Human crafts require many tools and the toolsmith creates them all.
  • Water Pool - The humans' main source of water is the pool. They fill it when they return from trips to the overworld.
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