Location X -22400 Z 23750
Local Languages Feels
Establishment 22-02-2013
Population 3
Abbreviation gf

Girlfriend is a settlement in a ocean biome at the most southwestern point of the map. Girlfriend is named so as like real gf it is just outside of Bernd's reach but just if he has enough determination and perseverance he might achieve it.

After hours upon hours of Poles talking in their potato language Greenkitten went and lagged the server for a fair while. Upon the lag attack the players on the server immediately stopped speaking Polish and started complaining about lag. Killer_chris then decided to help out creating a new path to the destination creating more chunks and more lag. The duo then insulted the little Poleings. Eventually they hit a point where the server started saying “You have reached the end of the world” and teleporting them back to the cutoff point. Though it was the middle of the ocean with no islands to be seen the settlement of Girlfriend was created. Armed with only a stack of melon slices and 10 logs it was treated like a skybox game.

Since the settlement is right on the edge of the map there is no room for expansion to the south-west, thus the citizens are demanding te3 increase the map limits.

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