Autonomous Territory of Fallen
Local Languages Slovenian, English
Demonyn Slovenians
Government Monarchy
Leader klemen, Arty22222
Establishment May 2012
Population 13

Fallen is a big city built mainly by Slovenians, located to the East of Merriland.


Fallen was founded somewhere during April/May by Slovenians Arty22222 and klemen who were looking for a cozy place to live.

The town started with the erection of Fallen Castle, which serves as palace for klemen and arty and also contains many rooms rented by other people. Still today the castle is the town's most prominent building.

Over time klemen and Arty managed to gather a whole horde of Slovenians who started to inhabit the town.

Major Events

The Slovenians, who now contribute a lot to the server's active population, seemed to live together peacefully until pucin and some others built an ugly floating cobblestone/dirt/wood over the ocean and declared themselves independent.

On the 1st of June Fallen decided to join the Soviet Republic to seek protection from the pillaging mongols.

Fallen took part in the Soviet-Mongol War as a part of the Soviet Republic. Brave Warriors from Fallen participated in every important battle and always honoured their alliance.


Fallen will grow larger.

Larger areas are being settled since the amount of citizens keeps growing.

Downtown Fallen is located in a plain surrounded by walls. It contains most residential buildings, the famous castle, the cathedral and the Wizard Tower.
Other interesting landmarks are the lake in the town center, the graveyard and the catacombs and the several parks, which make Fallen much greener.

West Fallen is a small swampy island directly connected to the mainland via bridges.

North Fallen is still mostly uninhabitated. Unlike the city center, it is hilly and a lot of caves and ponds can be found.

The Houses

The only building code in Fallen is to build a good looking and realistic house in a medieval style.
The is however good coordination between the citizens and many build their houses in similar fashion.

After the Soviet-Mongol War Fallen is the most wealthy province of the Soviet Republic and still owns a vast amount of resources.

North Fallen was heavily forested, all wood however has been processed and used to build the medieval houses.

Fallen is very highly developed and offers a lot of services.
The town is connected to Overworld and Nether rails and also has several ports. Many basic services like public warehouses, blacksmiths, breweries, mines and farms are also available.

Fallen is ruled by klemen and Arty22222 who act as monarchs. Both have sworn fealty to the Soviet Republic. Klemen was appointed as a member of the Soviet Council and also as Deputy Chairman due to his activity and good relations with Fegelein.

  • klemen
  • Arty22222
  • ZigaZaga
  • Ecaccia
  • Riizlaa
  • Fegelein
  • bh42
  • nettob
  • hordes of other Slovenians
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