Eyjan Hvíta

Eyjan Hvíta


Coat of arms
Location 4277, 1915
and largest city
4216, 1851
Official languages English · Icelandic

- President
- Prime Minister
Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
Legislature Alþingi
- Settlement
- Republic

March 11, 2015
April 10, 2015
Population 3 goyrillion
Currency Quartz

This settlement is now defunct and no longer active. very active settlement

Harcourtien 2015/11/15 09:50

Eyjan Hvíta is an insular snow biome settlement situated north-east of spawn. The settlement of Eyjan Hvíta stretches from the western bank of the Neko river on the settlement's eastern border, to the western end of the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago on its western border. The Minsk Sea lies off its southern and eastern coasts. since 2017 the settlement is rapidly expanding and active as no other settlement on the server, so active and alive that multiple hundreds of meters of railway had to be deleted with the wasted resources never returned to make space for the 0 2.147 billion players of the blooming metropolis.

Eyjan Hvíta means “white island” in Icelandic, and refers both to the settlement as a whole as well as to the island on which the capital town of Æbinsborg is situated.

Discovery and settlement

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The earliest block changes made on Eyjan Hvíta are dated to March 11, 2015.

On April 11, one day after the official establishment of Eyjan Hvíta, and one month after its discovery, the capital town of Ægirsborg was renamed to Æbinsborg. Construction of the Æbinsborg waterfront and Alþingishúsið began on the same day.


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Subnational and international borders superimposed on a satellite image of Eyjan Hvíta, 16/05/2015

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The settlement of Eyjan Hvíta is comprised of three regions: Eyjan Hvíta, Grænland, and the Vestmannaeyjar Archipelago.

Eyjan Hvíta

Eyjan Hvíta, the island on which the capital town of Æbinsborg is situated, is the most populated and developped region Eyjan Hvíta.



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The Alþingi

The Alþingishúsið is the seat of the parliamentary government of Eyjan Hvíta known as the Alþingi. The Alþingi contains two offices: the office of president and the office of prime minister. The presidential office is responsible for Eyjan Hvíta's foreign affairs, not including defence. The prime ministerial office carries out most executive functions including defence, but excluding those of foreign affairs.

Either the president or prime minister may propose laws. All laws must be passed through a public referendum open to all permanent and active residents of Eyjan Hvíta.

Political parties and elections

Political parties function as a political vehicle by which voters may express their common beliefs in the Alþingi. Only leaders of political parties may run for any office in the Alþingi.

Any permanent and active resident of Eyjan Hvíta may create a political party. Party leaders must be named by unanimous intra-paty agreement, and not intra-party election. Political parties must have different names.

Political Parties

NameLeaderIdeologySpectrumNumber of MembersFounding DateNotes
Meðal Flokkur
Middle/Medicine/Means Party
HarcourtienIndustrial production, Self-sufficiency, Pragmatic social equality, Feminism Centre-left to Centre-right1April 15, 2015The first political party of Eyjan Hvíta.

Elections are held every four months for the offices of president and prime Minister. Voting is held in the Alþingishúsið, and is restricted to permanent and active residents of Eyjan Hvíta. The next elections will occur on August 11 2015.

Administrative divisions

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Foreign relations and military

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under construction


Construction of an underground rail system within Eyjan Hvíta began on April 14 2015. It wass intended to provide fast transportation between most regions of Eyjan Hvíta, including Vestmannaeyjar and Grænland, as well as to neighbouring nations. The comprehensive completion of several stations in all three regions of Eyjan Hvíta was expected to take a long time. As of April 19 2015, two stations have been completed and as of yet are unnamed. On May 13 plans for a regional overworld rail transport system were scrapped due to high time and resource demand versus demand.

Overworld surface road network construction began on May 13 2015 as a consequence of increased construction in the Æbinsborg downtown metropolitan centre and the need for adequate lighting. This followed the scrapping of plans for a regional overworld rail system, as overworld transport by horse was deemed faster and more practical. Construction and planning of a Grænlandic settlement also spurred an overworld road connection between Grænland and Æbinsborg at this time.

Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation

Founded on May 6 2015 after its first batch of speed potions was provided for free to the public at spawn for the GOTTA GO FAST™ grand opening promotion, Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation is the first and principal state-owned enterprise of Eyjan Hvíta. ÆPC is capable of the industrialized mass-manufacture of all potions, restricted only by the availability of reagents.

The Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation headquarters is the Æbinsborg Pharmaceutical Corporation Centre or ÆPC Centre, located in Æbinsborg. As of May 6 2015 the ÆPC Centre is under construction.

under construction

under construction

Civic engagements and tasks

Civic engagements codify the day-to-day running of Eyjan Hvíta, which includes construction and routine tasks. Routine tasks are to be completed as soon as possible.

Routine Tasks

DescriptionAs ofNotes
Cut down 10 trees in GrænlandDailyN/a
Harvest 9 stacks total of any wheat, carrots, or potatoesDailyN/a
Breed all cows and pigsDailyN/a
Harvest 3 stacks total of any pork or beefOdd daysCooked or uncooked; if harvesting from farm

Current and Future Projects

ProjectPriorityAs ofNotes
Eyjan Hvíta road infrastructureHIGHMay 13 2015Ongoing as needed
Building out of quartz blocks, replace white wool exterior with quartz blocks and change architectureHIGHMay 13 2015Ongoing as needed
Completion of animal farmHIGHMay 4 2015In progress
Stackable melon and pumpkin farmHIGHMay 4 2015In planning; On the Græenland side of Æbingsborg?
Alþingishúsið staircase towerHIGHApril 23 2015In progress
Replacement of interior lighting with infloor jack o'lanterns covered with carpetMediumMay 13 2015Ongoing as needed
Completition of settlement metro rail systemMediumMay 13 2015In planning
Completion of wool farmMediumMay 4 2015In planning
Stackable mushroom farmMediumApril 21 2015N/a
Cocoa farmMediumApril 21 2015N/a
Item vaultMediumApril 21 2015In planning
Eyjan Hvíta land reclamationLowApril 21 2015Ongoing as needed
Grænland deforestationLowApril 21 2015Ongoing as needed
Vestmannaeyjar developmentLowApril 21 2015In planning
Brewing and potion building AND stackable netherwart farmHIGHMay 13 2015COMPLETE
Reforming of Æbinsborg seawall (straight and not natural coast/canal wall)MediumApril 27 2015COMPLETE
National flag on AlþingishúsiðN/aApril 21 2015COMPLETE
Æbinsborg canals (canal city)N/aApril 23 2015CANCELLED
Replacement of all lights, both lava and glowstone, with sea lanterns from Feati's guardian farmN/aApril 22 2015CANCELLED

Eyjan Hvíta Citizen Registry

NameDate of citizenshipSignature
HarcourtienApril 11 2015Harcourt 2015/05/10 12:35
MoorgladeMay 9 2015Moorglade 2015/05/10 22:08
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