Local Languages English, Estlandish
Government estlandia is the reich
Leader estlandia
Establishment 23.sept 2011
Population 1


far in the oceans where no contients were found, surrounder by even smaller islands is currently under construction to widen and lower the small island in a snowy forest, on an unsymmetrical wannabe mountain range, but snow and pines are nice

estlandia doesnt even have a bed everything is a-okay


History progress of 1.0 settlement:

23. September, most of the island has been flattened

24. September, even more flattening, forestation and a bit of the building (got straffe rain)

27. September, expanding the haus

12. December, after long adventure settled back, destroyed old house, flattened and enlarged the island. big work is underway

15. December, more bits of walls and central house _

1.1 settlement:

13. februray 2012, note the national Estonian symbols

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