Local Languages English
Demonyn Eisenbacher
Government National Socialist
Leader Adolf Hitler †
Establishment 30/1/1933
Population 7
Abbreviation none

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founding/time period

A many days ago, Absurdium decided to build a tree and needed iron. So he was it wise to build a yev concentration camp to farm gomels. Many people came to help him with the building's and settled nearby to harvest the glorious material. Soon a proper wheat farm and the other necesarry infrastructure for Eisenbach were born, and the camp was named Auschwitz. Quickly the second farm, Birkenau, was erected.

major event/time period

On the 7th of May, 2012, Eisenbach declared independence from the Imperialist G.A.M. On the 17th of June, 2012 Rosenmann became a new mayor of Eisenbach, replacing Happosai who had not logged for really long time.

Major exporter of iron and red flowers.

Battkhortostan Free Company is headquartered here.

Absurdium, areteee, Blub_2000AD, happosai21, kiatomaran, thecityisgrey, Rango, Rosenmann.

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