Local Languages Portuguese
Demonyn Dogolandian
Government HUAHUEHUE
Leader Juggernaut, Kuston
Establishment Winter 2013
Population 2
Abbreviation none

Founded by 2 BRs long dead.

Dogolandia guards a waterway connecting the Sea of Maleth to another body of water.

A railway connects Dogolandia to Al-Iskandariya, Dogolandia's main trade partner. It was never completed.

Settlement is currently under construction. The settlement was abandoned, there are plans to take inventory of all goods in the town and completion of minor development.

The settlement is under the guardianship of the Kingdom of Battkhortostan

As of 11/4/2013 Dogolandia has been officially annexed by Battkhortostan, as a consequence of Dogolandian inactivity.

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