Free Kingdom of Delarussia Frei Königreich Delaruss
Regnum Liberi Delarisium
Δωρεάν Βασίλειο Δελαρoς
ազատ թագավորություն դելառտվա
Location X: -8000 z: -6775
Local Languages English
Government Executive Constitutional Monarchy
Leader King_Of_Nether
Establishment 8th May, 2013
Population 1 Permanent
Abbreviation Delar, Delarus, Delarussia

A small independent settlement on the continent of New Virginia. It consists of a few farms run by the King (who is also the only permanent resident), and is a supplier of cheap cocoa and sugarcane.

founding/time period

On the last day of April 2013, bored with his life running a few small business in Breshik with yevishly high prices due to having to transport goods all the way from Nieuw Walschor, the King decided to venture into the wilderness. After several nights he built a town in New Virginia, being a newfriend and unaware that (arguably) civilisation was nearby. After being invited to the Waldsic Empire by RebelBaron, and accepting the settlement of Delarus was officialy announced. Minutes later however King_Of_Nether declared independence, which while recognised by the Emperor of Waldsic peacefully was ignored by most due to issues in West West Battx and Kovanje.

major event/time period

Nothing has ever happened here, except for occasional swarms of slimes.

Delarus is build on a narrow strip of land between the jungle and sea and a neighboring swamp. Most houses are wooden and dull with small patches of farmland, however plans to build more watchtowers, a church and high quality houses to attract immigrants to the swampland (where much land is actually below sea level) are underway.

Most people survive by either fishing or farming self sufficiently, with a large variety of crops currently growing in uncontrollably large quantities there is talk about opening shops in the larger nations.

There are 3 current issues: Loneliness and isolation, overproduction of crops and the constant swarms and invasions of slimes.

Being an executive constitutional monarchy means that the nation is different to other constitutional monarchies in that the Monarch also plays a significant role in parliament and political matters, and if they want, can be a member of or the leader of their own political party. While the Monarch has large amounts of political power, they do not have nearly enough control to be classed as an absolute monarchy. The governing party is in fact the Royal party, which is currently headed by King_Of_Nether.

At the moment there is only 1 permanent resident, the King, but all other players are invited to set up a home here and help turn a small junlge-swamp farming kingdom into a larger nation. A small deserted Yev village and a jungle temple were found nearby, suggesting that previously the area was home to a large tribal Yev civilisation.

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