State of Breshik

The PGDALBC or PGBC [PB&J(Peoples Breshikan And Juinndatenlandian Republic) to some] for short, is the provisional government during this transitional time in Breshiks history. Eaarly on an attempt was made to create a nation, but later became a losse federation of aligned settlements.

Provisional Government of Danik and Associated Lands of the Breshikan Crown Bresharország
Breshikan Empire     November 28th 2013
State Flag of Breshik
Capital Neu Avenzig
Official Languages Breshikan English
Demonyn Breshar
Government Oligrarchtical Council State
Leadership Lords of the Lords Council Sidmarcus01, Shakomatic(Head of Lords Council),
Population cencus out of date
Currency The Shako (Emerald)
State Anthem
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