Dangerwood Dongyang

Location South of Wonderfields
Local Languages English
Leader OrinRJ
Establishment 5-20-13
Population ~4

Dangerwood is a small settlement in a large taiga forest, located south of Wonderfields. It has earned its name because of the abnormal number of hostile mobs and the lack of proper ilumination. The only permanent resident is OrinRJ, who has a small house in the center of the forest and works as a sentinel of the south city borders. There are a small handful of cabins for travelers to take shelter while passing through to the surrounding settlements.

The forest is large and the terrain is rough. The best way to travel there is by using the rail system. Most travellers only cross it at day time, when the only dangers are the creepers and mobs hidden under the trees. Only the brave and the fools dare to venture on Dangerwood at night. Find yourself surrounded by hostiles in a blink of a eye, and due to it's lack of proper ilumination, many fall inside holes or ravines that inhabit the land. You can also look for OrinRJ's house, which is the only safe place inside this hell.

Development has started, but the land has gained reputation for the number of deaths in its way. During its initial settlings, a wolf lept into lava and a cow jumped into the ravine. Researchers from Wonderfields are baffled as to why.

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