Cripple Creek
Capital Old Town
Official Languages English
Government Dictatorship
Establishment ???
Population ~3
Abbreviation CC

Cripple Creek

Located to the north east of Elkkuton proper, Cripple Creek is the second settlement of the small and mostly inactive oldfag nation of Elkkuton. It was founded by Tangaloa with the help of K_Chris on the top of a small number of mountains, and has slowly expanded into the desert region laying between the mountains and Elkkuton with the ultimate goal of having a nearly contiguous urban sprawl.

Snowy mountains, hot deserts, a number of rivers, and multiple waterfalls.

As Cripple Creek has expanded, a number of suburbs have formed:

  • Old Town - Highest and oldest point of Cripple Creek; it has a number of houses, hotels, storage facilities, and an ice rink.
  • The Keep - Under construction, is only accessible via the metro or a single bridge from Old Town.
  • Lubyanka - Includes the large tree farms.
  • The Bund - The area immediately bordering the man made canal, this suburb includes government buildings and the Hbf.
  • The New Mines - The area in between The Bund, The Keep, and Old Town; includes deep level mines and farms.
  • Downtown - planned
  • Airport - planned
  • Kings Park - Under Construction

Chief exports are paranoia, criticisms, and cobble.

Cripple creek has a number of transportation options available to citizens and visitors:

  • Trans-Elkkuton highway - traversable depending on the time of year.
  • The Cripple Creek Railway (CCR) - currently consists of one loop line with 6 stations, and 3 additional lines under construction.
  • Elkkuton Airport - planned
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