China town

China town
Location -3431 1137
Local Languages Only Russian language
Government basic govt type
Leader Denmoros1
Establishment 30.03.2022
Population ~2

The city began its construction at the end of March and is currently continuing to expand its space

In this place, there is only a place where the city will be located. The city has a large complex for the extraction of food, it includes: A farmer's house and a large vegetable garden.

There is currently no economy in this settlement. Most of the resources that are used for building are mined and some resources are bought at spawn. At the moment, large resources are no longer spent on food as before.In the coming months, the economy of this city will need less and less extraneous resources. In the near future, a very large number of different farms will be built to eliminate the need to buy something on spawn and from other igrakov.

The main problem of the city is that construction is just beginning. In the near future there will be problems with building materials. Terraforming the territory becomes a big problem due to the fact that my city is located in a mountainous area. To build buildings, you need to spend a lot of time changing the surfaces of this territory and only then start building.

Denmoros1 Founder of the city of China town. In the near future, he plans to invite people to his settlement for greater development.

Denmoros1 — The man who decided to create some kind of city. NewtonSavaYT—That person who liked what I build and he decided to join me.

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