Independent Settlement of Charmesville
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Location X −2116, Z 3126
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Local Languages Russian
Government Mayoral Republic
Leader TheGexon38
Establishment 13-07-2016
Population ~2

Independent Settlement of Charmesville is a town located in the center of the Eastern Desert, by north from the Winduzastika city. It has a very long and rich history, thoughtful political structure, and also some farms and other important buildings.


First days of the townCharmesville was found on July 13, 2016th by TheGexon38. Before its creating, he lived in Perdyusheno village, but one day he has decided to move away from there and find himself a better place to live.

After coming to the Eastern Desert, TheGexon38 has built the main square and the government building. Then, the First Alley road was built. First farm made in town was a medium-sized watermelon farm. In this time period Charmesville wasn't independent settlement and was formally governed by the Ruminian Union. Fortunately, at this time life in the Union was quite peaceful, and nothing hampered the development of the town.

Ruminian Civil War

In the end of November 2016, RMCU broke up into two new states – Ruminian Cities Alliance and Tea Sanctuary Empire, fighting each other for some reasons. Initially Charmesville entered the war as a part of the RMCA, fighting the rebels. But after several attacks on the town its Mayor TheGexon38 decided to leave RMCA, getting a town out of the war. That's where the independence of Charmesville has began.

After the war

A long time lasted after the civil war, and in the January 2017 Ruminian Union was reunited again. After several days of watching on its life, Charmesville decided to enter. However, this period of town's life wasn't very long because of TheGexon38's leaving the server. Time has passed, and Rumanian Union disintegrated again, mired in enmity and disagreement.

Participation in Winduzastikan Federation

Destroyed government buildingIn a middle of April 2017, after long time spent offline, feeling a bit depressed on some reasons, Mayor TheGexon38 entered a newborn Winduzastikan Federation in hope for its becoming a new union of Ruminian cities. However, in the 1st of May TheGexon38's depression made him destroy the part of the town using TNT. After it, Winduzastikan Federation decided to take the town onto the state control. This forced TheGexon38 to start repairing the town. In several days Charmesville declared its independence again.

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