Location -1385,64,1765
Local Languages English
Government Techno-Egyptian Serpent Dynasty
Leader midriatic
Establishment 5/8/2021
Population ~1

The Serpent Cult of Cantara, a land that belongs to a race of hideous desert reptiles, skilled in the arts of archery and alchemy, mining and trade.

founding/time period

Cantara was founded by midriatic soon after first arriving on the server and sailing south from spawn to a small island where he landed, finding the island surrounded by a natural double harbor, he decided to build a simple house there, and then from that point went on to build a fort across the bay.

major event/time period

This desert territory has been inhabited for centuries by a royal line of Serpent folk, gifted in the arts of alchemy and sorcery, they typically live underground in cavernous warrens.


Bordered on the north and south by rivers, and to the west and east by seas. A naturally generated pyramid lies north over its border, and the Banu Hashim tribe's territory lies to the east.

Fishing, livestock, wheat and other crops aided with the use of a hydraulic farm, as well as having chicken-dispenser farms.

Cantara is also home to what is innocuously referred to as the “Toy Factory,” an arsenal complex employed with slave labor, that produces a range of high quality weapons and hazardous chemicals which are sold by the DRACO Concern.

Inhospitable desert aside from the few farms and trees established, started as a sleepy fishing village.

Run by a royal line of Serpent demigods who inherited their magical skills from the djinn, that live in the off-worlds, however, a degree of democracy and open debate and free assembly are tolerated from potential residents.

Word is that dozens of yevs toil in the underground mines, being whipped with leads daily as they bore out mineral ores from solid rock for their benefactors.

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