Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo

Despotism of Borne-SulinowoZsarnokság Borne-Sulinovo
 Coat of Arms
Motto Velünk Isten
Capital Borne-Sulinowo
National Anthem God
Official Languages Hungarian
Government Despotism
Leaders Federal President Robert "Azalilil" Osmolovsky
Estabilishment 20.04.2017 (as subject of Winduzastikan Federation)
5.11.16 (as Windoozastika Democratic Republic)
June 2016 (MGP Village as settlement of R.U.)
Location -2290, 3420

Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo is a region of Winduzastikan Federation which unites a few settlements bordering each other.

Ancient period (06.2016 - 12.2016)

Map of Faryagrad Holding

When Robert “Azalilil” Osmolovsky, the founder of Borne-Sulinowo, first visited the server, he didn't really have any plans of creating a standalone independent settlement. In the beginning of July 2016, being inspired by the atmosphere of the server, he was working on Faryagrad, the capital of the Ruminian Union back then, and thing such as food dispensers around the city and Robert's house are still the most notable remains of that period. During these times there was already forming something similar to the Russian Siberian regionalism: Osmolovsky made a shoddy map of a so-called Faryagrad Holding with primitive administrative division and plans for the city's expansion. But the plans had to be thrown away when during some badly documented events Robert got banned and made the decision to create his own settlement. He wandered away randomly and arrived to the eastern desert regions, where he chose a relatively flat area near three different biomes at once for the foundation of an autonomic formation. During the first day a 2-floored building named “Church of the Shattered God” was built; a few smaller houses also appeared nearby - which, to this day, remain the only buildings in the entire Borne-Sulinowo which aren't made from stone bricks and greatly resemble Robert's Faryagrad home instead. The expansion was planned to be in circles but due to the location of The Church the settlement expanded pretty much chaotically.

Origins of the MGP abbreviation

During 2016, one of the more or less popular cinematic arts related to the culture of the young Ruminian nationality were the works of a Russian arthouse author Biwa Evreev, most notably his GOPNIK TV franchise. The franchise is what was the basis to the first name of Borne-Sulinowo - Robert Osmolovsky, while reading some materials related to GOPTV, found the phrase “средство роста mindows”, which he lazily translated to “Mindows Growing Pile” and shortened to MGP Village.

During the second half of 2016 Robert tried to attract more people to the growing settlement; this idea could be considered more or less successful. December 2016, notely, turned out to be the period of cooperation with Terrohin, who built his own house in the city, launched a few redstone mechanisms across the world and then had to deal with his friend _qu33 who built an ugly fortress in the suburbs of the town - called Bismark - and violated the borders of the nearby settlement, Zorrland.

Genesis of national idea (11.2016 - 20.04.2017)

One of the main events in the history of Borne-Sulinowo and Winduzastikan Federation happened in November 2016. On November 5, Robert created the first map and flag of an unnamed nation, which was sooner on the same day randomly named “Republic of Windoozastikja”. Basically this was the beginning of the Winduzastikan history, which back then was unseparable from the history of Borne-Sulinowo.

First flag of Windoozastikja; November 5, 2016

In January 2017 the national identity of the unrecognized micronation started to grow more. The settlement was made into Democratic Republic of Winduzastika, and the first administrative buildings were created. During these times two ways of creating a standalone nation were possible:

  • The first scenario was simple - Winduzastika would be made into a satellite state of the Ruminian Union, probably without even having a formal clan and wouldn't have a policy different from the policy of R.U.
  • The second scenario would be slightly more difficult, but possible. During January, the Ruminians were still in a conflict with Tea Sanctuary Empire, which offered Robert help in creating a nation, though Winduzastika had to have at least 2 people in its clan and would cooperate with T.S.E. That was deemed too hard for Winduzastika and so the idea of the creation of an independent state was abandoned for a while.

In April 2017 the city was already relatively well-developed. The micronation was claiming not only the city itself and the nearby plains, but also its neighboring areas such as the town Charmesville. The claims would make a smooth border of the region which was called Mjasorubia. And eventually, on April 20, the birth of Winduzastikan Federation marked the end of the oldest period of Winduzastika's and Borne-Sulinowo's history.

Within the Winduzastikan Federation (20.04.2017 - now)

After the nation becoming independent, the former autonomic formation of Easter Desert was divided into three subjects: Zorrland, Charmesville and Republic of Windoozastikja. The naming issue was quite problematic, since the whole federation, of course, was named similarly. But back then there were bigger problems related to the confrontation with the newly formed Democratic Republic of Ruminia, so the naming issue had to be untouched for a while. Though after the D.R.R. self-dissolved and all the former lands of the Ruminian Union got united under the flag of Winduzastika, the naming problem continued to be relevant.

Soon the Republic of Windoozastikja started its expansion; Charmesville and Zorrland became its parts as well as the Eastern territories such as the town of Dracenica(now Drovary) and the area which is now known as the town of Baomeris. MGP Village, due to it being located near the nation's borders, transferred the status of the capital to Faryagrad. The subject became more or less autonomic, but also contributed its culture to the cultural heritage of the young nation on general. After a couple of redesigns, the city also decided on its new flag on June 27.

On July 21, the flag was changed again to be in blue, white and green colors - and is still being used to this day. Soon the name MGP Village was also renamed to Borne-Sulinowo after a small Polish town, which had some connections to the life of Robert Osmolovsky in general. In the end of august the whole subject was finally named Despotism of Borne-Sulinowo as well.

Borne-Sulinowo nowadays

Currently the development of the city itself can be quite random and erratic - there are long periods of nothing and then there are short periods of quick development and expansion. Charmstadt(former Charmesville) is pretty much not developing these days, though it was recently finally repaired. Zorrland is acting as the industrial suburbs of Borne-Sulinowo. The capital of the region is also connected to a town of Baomeris which is yet to be developed, and the lands to the east are an empty canvas which will be the connection to the also empty lands of the Great Sakramaria.


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