The Bogan Isles

The Bogan Isles

The Aboriginal flag is under the Union Jack because they are lesser beings.
Local Languages English
Demonyn Bogans
Government Indipendant Island Dictatorships
Leader Each island is indipendant.
Establishment Unknown
Population <10
Abbreviation The Bogans

The Bogan Isles are predominately Australian based users clustered together on adjacent islands.


When omgmac disappeared and tetete took over the reigns of admin it was decided to create a new map, In the first few days Sheep Island was discovered and subsequently settled. K_chris and mazznoff created a house on one side of Sheep Island dugging it crator landing as creepers had yet to be nerfed. Not long after they invited fly and greenkitten to join them. After a while Green moved out and created his own house on the island and a large sheep enclosure, as time went on more people arrived and it was getting stagnant. With an exploration party sorted they took boats out and annexed a few islands off the coast. These islands soon became personal havens for certain individuals. After a lot more time passed some people left, others joined and griefers griefed.

Return to the Isles

After failing to create a colony and with the mongol lifestyle taking its toll, greenkitten and gwokymarla returned to build on their islands along with them Jam_tin_jack. With the high concentration of Australians on these islands the area became to be known as The Bogan Isles.
A few months later the last inhabitant of Port Loco handed over the town to the Bogan Isles, which due to abandonedment was overgrown with trees and vines.

With a variety of islands each has its own style and history.

Location of the Isles

Awesome Island

Owned by Gwokymarla, its a big hole in the ground. The trees here often grow too large and caBst has to come online and cut them down.

Sheep Island

Crator Landing

Abandoned settlement, very little activity happens here. Bernard was constructing a secret underwater nazi bunker here until he lost his job and his apartment, so now there is a tribute to the fallen comrade on the island. Though there has been a few noobs that rock up occasionally and build a house, failing to make it far from old spawn.

Port Loco

The abandoned and overgrown settlement, read about the old history here.

Depression Island

Owned by greenkitten. Here there are 2 japanese style castles, the orginal “Pathetic Loser” castle and a clone which is exactly double the size, build by Jack to make Green look even more pathetic because he didn't even have the biggest building on his own island.

Dickhole Island

Owned by Jam_tin_jack. This island is entirely artificial, made from dirt looted from the Sobiets. From the decking you can see a large Aussie flag.

Giant VB can

A half finished VB can shows the true spirit of the Bogans. Made by Plaintoothpaste.

Uninhabited/Abandoned islands

There are a few islands uninhabited, or just abandoned. These people got halfway through building and mysteriously disappeared. Others have yet to be constructed upon.

There used to be sheep but due to abandonment they either escaped or starved to death

Ever since the installation of trainlines the islands have been easy targets for griebers. Other than that the islands are peaceful.

The Bogans

  • Greenkitten
  • Gwokymarla
  • Fly
  • Jam_tin_jack
  • Faiilure
  • plaintoothpaste
  • Septicaemia

Former Bogans

  • K_chris
  • mazznoff
  • Bernard

Honorary Bogans

A song about a homeless suicidal thief sung by a Russian really captures the Australian spirit.

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