Belltower's flag
Location Belltower's location
Languages Italiano
Denomyn Beller
Government Lordship
Motto Libertà, sempre
Leader Paper
Establishment 21/02/14
Population 5

Belltower is a very boring mining settlement, that has found a purpose under the wing of a certain dragon. It's inhabited by italian bogans, some of which are bretty cool people and are only known for connecting Winterlyn and Nouvelle Kriegstein with a bigass road.


Originally the construction site for Nouvelle Turenne, but King Sidmund the First found the land to be lacking of any sort of beauty or size whatsoever so he moved elsewhere, naming the settlement Richeplace. It stayed unhabited and unkept for several weeks until Paper greedily took it all for himself to satisfy his thirst for power claimed it under a flag that represents freedom from the shackles of divine monarchy although he failed in the end :DDDDDDDD.

Major events

The following paragraph is biased by french arrogance.
Most of the subsequent statements are inaccurate, fallacious, inconcrete and invalid!

The “foundation” of Belltower was gracefully gifted by Sidmarcus le Surrenderer when Paper asked if he could exploit this clay for Kriegstein's sake. Sidmarcus, being the surrendering French he is, frenchly surrendered the clay to that Italian. Though giving him the clay and mayorship, the traitorous and incompetent Italian thought it would be very smart to steal the actual clay and be “free”, cutting its links with Kriegstein. Ironically enough, now the city is the slave vassal to some lazy fag drake and angered Kriegstein, how smart.

Moral of the story:
The French always surrender and the Italians always free.


After a phase of inactivity, a hard-working player called Akj began the Rebirth of Belltower. After he built a cozy house for himself, he began a beatiful project: a big (very big!) luxury hotel for those who haven't a place to live before the construction of their home!!
But after that, the project fails and Akj disappeared…
After two month of de facto death, two players comes to Belltower, to give it new life!
They were Lello and Izushi, who build their houses near to the belltower. Then Izushi and Termocaos created the potion shop, called “Pozioneria”!

Uprising tensions

After a long nap, Kriegstein slowly revived and formed a Empire. Kriegstein's House is again overshadowing Belltower, retaliations and reconquista are to be expected.

The peninsula, upon which Belltower is founded, is bordered by a river dividing the village from several mountains and hills lying in the nearby lands.

Belltower's Borders


As a mining settlement, the economy depends entirely on whatever sticks out of the ground, from cobblestone to diamonds.

Occasional undead raids and nonstop swearing and bitching by the inhabitants are the major happenings of the village.

The settlement is governed by Lord Paper-Ith, that is looking forward to gather more pizzaniggers people to help him develop his settlement.

  • Paper
  • Izushi
  • Lello
  • Pantalex
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