Plaza Location 3610, -2540
Local Languages Barriadan
Government Commonwealth Mandate
Leader erinius
Establishment December 2015
Population 1

Barriada, Spanish for neighborhood, is a settlement and Commonwealth Mandate in the north. Barriada calls itself the gateway to the northeastern continent.

erinius got some land and settled. Then Barriada was annexed by the Commonwealth.

Ciudad Barriada

The city is located in a plain between forests and mountains. There are many small lakes. The city is planned on a grid system.

Grid System

The city of Barriada plans itself on a grid system. Each block in Barriada's grid system is 1 chunk. Blocks are identified based on their position relative to the plaza. For example, the block with the verticle farm is block 1 North 1 East, or 1N1E.

Condado de Pen

A smaller county to the south of the capital. Consists of Pen Islan and some plains. It has a Yev village with no yevs.

Bosque Lanrun

A giant forest with a single building.

Barriada is less poor now. The economy is based primarily on farming and mining, but these farms and mines provide plentiful resources for Barriada. Barriada's tertiary sector consists of a restaurante called “McKFC.” We still want gibsmedats.

Everyone in Barriada is an autist with no life.

Barriada is a Commonwealth Mandate, governed by Erinius.

Barriada has only one citizen, and welcomes immigrants.

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