The Three Times Heroic Consecrated City of Aztacalco
Location Coordinates
X 8740 Y 3345
Local Languages Spanish
Government Theocracy
Leader Aresal
Population 1
Nation Moloch Worshipping Cult

The City of Aztacalco, officialy The Three Times Heroic Consecrated City of Aztacalco, commonly known as Aztacalco or “Azta” is a friendly settlement dedicated to nurture the cosmos with the realization of tremendous blood sacrifices using different metods such as the boiling, drowning, flaying, beheading, heart extracting and a true diversity of other less common rituals, depending on the nature of the god a ceremony is trying to please.

This characteristic and the natural friendly condition of it citizen, brought an approach of the new founded city with the league known as the Heretical Rashidun Caliphate (HRC), and Sultan Salah with the First Priest of Aztacalco, Aresal of El Mexicano.

Construction of the Temple of All the Gods started in 05/ /2019

Founded officialy in 05/ /2019

Officialy consecrated to the Moloch Worshiping Cult in 05/17/2019

The City was founded in the center of swampy island, not so far from the eastern edge of the map. The Temple of All The Gods was the neccesary first step in order to appease the gods and ensuring a clean process of building and mining. A rail station is currently being built to communicate the central island with the rest of the reclaimed lands that surrounds Aztacalco, and with neighboring settlements.

The City's strategical position gives quick access to different non taken regions of different biomes, facilitating the growth of the settlement and ensuring a steady supply of the resources. However, one of the prime materials demanded by the priests for constructing temples and other civil buildings is the red sand, material which reminds us the meaning of blood and sacrifice, thus, the City is searching for comercial partnerships for importing the redsand and carry out expeditions to the confines of the map in the search for the precious, rare material.

Chigguns, cows, the Pork at the Cross and some nasty phantoms.

The City is being built under the rule of the Theocracy of All The Gods, which follows a philosophy of revereing any god a man is pleased to honor it's an acceptable practise, because all gods have their own particulary influences over the Anahuac as they're powered by the people who favors them, defining the gods powers and range of influence. However, if a god stops the receive prayings and sacrifices and therefore is forgotten by men, the being loses it's powers and is banished from all the Cosmos. For this, it's important for the Theocracy of All the Gods to preserve the cults, favoring the deities of the ancestors of Mesoamerica, but understands and accepts the existance of other deities, unless a War of Gods ensues.


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