Armadillo is a Western-themed settlement based on the town from Red Dead Redemption. The town itself has been painstakingly built to-scale to remain as true to the original Red Dead version as possible.

The town is currently unfinished.

Nation ThulĂȘ
Location -2928/64/-7741
Local Languages English
Government Anarcho-Capitalism(?)
Sheriff theloneranger1
Establishment 3-10-2018
Population ~1

Established on March 10th in the year of our Lord two-thousand and eighteen by theloneranger1.

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Armadillo mines large quantities of gold via panning and strip mining. Armadillo also produces firearms (enchanted bows nigga), and various types of alcohol, it's main export being Rum.

Large quantities of boredom and mobs constantly threaten the towns livelyhood.

As with the original American Frontier every individual has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, free from government tyranny.

  • The Lone Ranger: The Lone Ranger is the only living resident of Armadillo, and thus ironically has a very fitting name as is usually the case when he plays any video game. He built the entire town and it's foundation all in Survival mode, and continues to build it semi actively.
  • EarRape333: EarRape333 is one of theloneranger1's oldest friends, and one day he decided to install Minecraft and look at the towns he built. While online he built a wooden humanoid statue on a nearby plateau. He currently resides in the Armadillo Saloon, unlikely to ever return.


  • Some nigga from MOND, NekoNeko I think.. He had mined large quantities of the canyon turning it into a supple, flat valley perfect for architecture so thanks for that.
  • xcont xcont was Armadillo's second visitor and once he arrived he enjoyed some finely brewed Rum in the Saloon. His stay was brief, 1-2 in-game days.
  • Flakese: Flakese visited Armadillo showing an interest in the project and kindly donated 1-2 shulker boxes filled with regular sand.

theloneranger1 also has a Medieval Viking town 3,000 blocks away called Vargsund. Come visit!

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