MozarabiaPermanent Settlement
Government Communist Caliphate
Establishment (First Block Laid) Day after the server began
Establishment (Official) How do?
(Provisional) People's Caliph Caliph as-Samultani
Current Members Smultanius, Tasu, Inciclopedico, TooBlue
Abbreviation MA
Alliances & Relationships Friendly with both Enders and Dwarves, and hoping to keep it that way. No hate, only love :3

The Islamic Communist People's Caliphal Jamahiriyyah of Mozarabia is the home for all Muslims and submissive Dhimmi's on the server. We're very liberal Muslims, so our only rule is no pork, on pain of death.

Mozarabia lays claim to the big mountain at X-2000, Z-1000, and all adjacent sand and savanna biomes. I don't have much experience editing Wikis, so no pic for now.

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