Independent State of AlisaNezavisna Država Alisa
Niepodległe Państwo Alicji
Local Languages English
Demonyn Alisian
Government Fascist City State
Leader Koinucian
Establishment 20-09-2012
Population 1
Location -3655 -3318

Town located on the island of Rana surrounded by the island of Daljarana and a desert. It was planned to be full of poredak (ordnung is too mainstream) but ended unperfect, abandoned and forgotten after an months.


Town was originally founded in august 2012 on an uninhabited island. In few days concreting of the coast, creating beach, building cafe and first apartments were done. After this Koinu left server for a month leaving settlement alone.

Short period of Breshikan rule

Dirty Gypsies from Breshik annexed the whole island while its owner was gone and turned it into a farm. When Koinu decided to continue his work and saw what happened he went full mad but there's was no need to because Shakomatic let him take his place back he got told to fuck off after a series of reports had been issued by a few good men.

New Beginning

After cleaning the town and removing disgusting wooden hut the construction works were resumed. Few more buildings were built and the ancient palace's walls were raised. Alisa got a nether rail connection to spawn.

Koinućanova Palača

Square fortification with four gates on each side and four towers. As long as Alisa is neutral everyone is allowed to come in and watch the town from the walls.

Thanks to the desert building materials are not a problem. Soil below the town isn't rich in minerals but it provides enough to make everything work.

Koinu as the Poglavnica is the only ruler of Alisa.

Koinu is right now the only resident.

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