Official or Common Name
Landrunning much?
Location Furthest South of Belrunia's Mainland
Local Languages English
Government Democracy
Leader ElijahTR3
Establishment 05/08/20
Population 2

Aldivan is a settlement within the nation, Belrunia.

founding/time period

The Aldivians believe that this world was named after a goddess who gave men life.

major event/time period

05/11/20 - Aldivan joins Belrunia

Wall - In Progress Castle - in progress

Aldivan's economy is based off of Belrunia's

Not enough light, too many mobs

Aldivan has a seat within the Federation of Belrunia. Within Aldivan their is a Theocratic Democracy

Just Killjoy0508. ElijahTR3, and ElijahTR3's delusions.

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