Al Bayt

Al Bayt is the house of the people.

Al Bayt
Location x -4666 z 3240
Local Languages Guttural Semitic
Leader Salah
Population ~50
Establishment 21/08/2022

Allays break or bend Words of wisdom Statue to Moloch A hoard of riches Golem without power Missionary without faith Insomnia treatment facility

The name translates to “The House”, for it is the house of all people.

Founded by the people themselves who decided to disappear for awhile, they are expected to return any day.

It is located in the newly (1.19.2) generated area, in a woody biome. The Bayt is built near a river which makes trading opportunities much easier for the people in it. The river snakes in different biomes reaches the great new sea to the west.

The sections include, but not limited to:

  • Creatorator - creatura maker by the top biologists of the people.
  • Allay prison - a prison for the pesky allays until they switch sides and become loyal to their evokers.
  • Pillager shrine - a shrine to the art of Pillaging and its philosophy.
  • Valuables storage - a shrine to teach about valuables and their worth.
  • Golem cage - a cage displaying a long deactivated golem, to teach about their weakness and strengths.
  • Illegal missionary enclosure - an enclosure of illegal missionaries into the people's lands, where they can reflect on their wrongdoings.
  • Library - a collection of assorted books on all topics.
  • Emerald hoard - a sizeable hoard of tithes.
  • Arena - testing one's mettle against men and beasts.
  • Sleeping abode - the troubled sleep can be cured by none other than the Sandman.
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