Al-Autismiya (AR-ال الذَاتَوِيَّة)is an abandoned megaproject started by general layabouts FordTempo and TSquareMan. Groundbreaking was on the 1st of February 2012.

It consists of a center pit of 51×51 blocks straight to bedrock. At sea-level the pit is surrounded by a triple high series of grand arches.

There are no plans to complete Al-Autismiya, but it was intended to be a “vertical city.” Streets, buildings, and anything else built in this city will only be built within the 51×51 pit.

While operating more or less autonomously, Al-Autismiya is part of Irmunsul

Buildings in the city will be restricted to citizens of Irmunsul only (with the exception of guild halls and embassies).

Al-Autismiya is the caretaker and capital of the Great Desert of Irmunsul.

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